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Say what? That's right the Traveling Corporate know that inner 18 year old self who still yearns for one more game, who still tries to lift, run and eat "like you used to", who still enjoys the thrill of trying to beat your spin instructor at their own some place aptly named the Cyclo-drome. 

Except the thing is, as we grow older...and our clients become more demanding...and our travel schedule start to resemble a New York Subway Map, carving out time for our personal health and fitness is always the first thing to go. At FitLink, we believe this is a scheduling and accountability problem, fueled by our self-conscious desire to be available for our clients and teams at all costs and that is precisely what we are here to fix. So let's start making your Outlook work for you....not against you!

"We Book You Into The Right Class, At The Right Time, In The Right Location, EVERY Time Your Schedule Allows By Living Where You Plan Your Schedule...In Outlook"

 We simplified the process of searching, booking and paying for your favorite fitness classes down to the touch of a know like Amazon's famous One-Click ordering. If you've ever blocked an hour on your calendar for a meeting, then you know to how reserve a fitness session with FitLink. If you've ever shared a Calendar invite for a call, then you know how to add team members to your session with FitLink. No learning curve, no wasted steps, no missed opportunities. With just a few simple steps, we kick off a beautiful cascade of tech poetry that will lead you to the 170BPM promised land.

How To Use FitLink

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Step 1:

Establish Your

Fitness Preferences




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Step 2: 

Build Your

Digital Profile

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Step 3: 

Book Your

Fitness Schedule





Step 4:

Let FitLink

Do the Rest


Meet Your New FitLink Workout Partners