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Todd Connor


Todd is the Founder and CEO of Bunker Labs, and Co-Founder of Flank 5 Academy and has held senior leadership roles in the public and private sector. He holds a BA from Northwestern University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

As the CEO of Bunker Labs, Todd is building a national organization and brand that focuses on helping military veterans start and grow businesses. 25% of men and women on active duty express a desire to start a business when they separate from the military. The Bunker Labs is a high growth, national chapter organization in 16 different cities that supports the creation of a local ecosystem for veterans pursuing entrepreneurship. 

As the Co-Founder of Flank 5 Academy, Todd develops and implements career and leadership development programs for organizations, groups and individuals. Through a diverse and expert team of facilitators, each experience Todd delivers channels relevant, contemporary and network-driven content and methodology. His programs blend popular psychology, business strategy, personal assessments, and self-discovery exercises to unlock human potential to optimize each person's professional potential.

He will primarily serve as an executive coach to the My FitLink Founders as well as a connector to the myriad resources available for Veteran owned businesses at the city, state and national level. 


Elisabeth Branham


Elisabeth is a creative and analytical marketing leader with an extensive track record in commercializing new and existing products, to include G2M strategy and execution, brand development and organic growth realization. She has pioneered integrated marketing programs and channel strategies in both the corporate and startup business environment to include ownership over customer acquisition and revenue growth targets across multiple categories.

Elisabeth has also led a number of key programs, across multiple organizations focused on lead nurturing, conversion, retention and loyalty both in-store and direct-to-consumer e-commerce. Her role in this capacity included directed all integrated channel marketing initiatives,  including email, direct mail, digital campaigns, in store signage and displays, trade shows and events to increase customer acquisition (B2C) and deepen client value (B2B) for all major retail and e-tailer partners throughout the US, Canada, South and Central America. She holds a BA in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame and a MBA from Babson College. 

Elisabeth is a very well rounded Executive B2B/B2C Marketer and Consultant and will primarily serve as an adviser for My FitLink's Corporate Partnership and customer acquisition strategies. 


Zach Forrest


Zach is the Owner, Director of Culture, and Head Coach of Crossfit Max Effort, Las Vegas, which is one of the largest crossfit gyms in the United States. Zach has built an empire in Las Vegas over the past 10 years, where has has grown from one shared, multi-use athletic facility, to three fully owned and operated gyms across the valley. Zach's gyms bring in the highest volume of drop-in, traveling athletes in the country and is a testament to his ability to not only build a gym culture that embraces visitors, but also his ability to market, reach and deliver for a customer that is key to FitLink's offering. Zach has been training CrossFit since 2005 when he was exposed to it as a Navy Seal in BUD/S Training. “Eventually, I utilized it to train myself and other SEALs until I left the military,” he says. “I started coaching civilians when we opened the first CrossFit affiliate in Las Vegas in 2008.”

Zach loves being a part of his members’ journey toward more self-awareness and confidence as a result of training. “On a daily basis, I get to witness my members overcome and break through preconceived limitations…both physical and emotional,” he says. “It keeps me motivated to make sure they have the best experience possible while at Max Effort.” Zach competed in several competitions, including the CrossFit Games as an individual in 2009, 2011, and 2013.

Zach will primarily serve as an adviser for connections across the fitness industry and an inside voice for My FitLink's core user experience.  


Dan Reaves


Dan is a sports business professional, focused on strategy, analytics and business development and brings 7+ years of experience around Brand Marketing and Channel strategy. Dan has led efforts to design, develop and deploy targeted brand marketing strategies and partnership activation plans for the launch of new platforms across micro-consumer segments. He has in-depth experience conducting market research to generate key consumer insights and identify business opportunities and has led multi-channel content delivery efforts across web and mobile. 

Dan is currently a Senior Demand Planner at Nike where he is building platforms to connect corporate strategy to advanced analytics capabilities. He holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and has 4+ years in management consulting at Deloitte. He will primarily serve as an adviser on brand strategy for the FitLink go-to-market campaign and analytics & visualization for the My Fitlink Platform and Profiles. 

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Will Crane


William is the Chief Technology Officer of Bunker Labs, a national organization that supports over 500 military veteran entrepreneurs. Bunker Labs utilizes technology platforms (both web and mobile apps) to increase engagement, educate and connect members across the nation. William has built two mobile apps in the past, a social media micro-crowdfunding platform, and a game-ified event app that supports single day events for organizations focusing on in-event engagement. William focuses on user experience and design, as well as functionality - his code base is in Java and HTML, with expertise in the full adobe suite. 

He will primarily serve as an adviser on all things product for the build out and deployment of the My FitLink platform and experience. 


Jared Glover


Jared is a unicorn of sorts...a traveling corporate athlete, serial entrepreneur and sales ninja. As a traveling corporate athlete, Jared has served on both sides of the fence, having competed in a number of national fitness competitions, as both an individual as well as a team member. He has also designed and run fitness competitions for athletes spread across the Southwest United States. As a serial entrepreneur, Jared has designed, scaled and sold his Crossfit business after 5+ years of operations. As a sales ninja, Jared is now expanding his corporate presence as an executive of a multi-national, B2B real estate investment firm. 

As a business owner, Jared was celebrated by members for his passion, knowledge and unique ability to foster a sense of community and camaraderie. He will primarily serve as an adviser on scaling a business in the fitness category and our enterprise sales strategy.