The hardest part of fitness on the road is supposed to be the actual workouts...not the process to find and book them 


We mapped out your journey by doing it...1,000+ times to be exact and learned that on average, it takes 19+ minutes per occasion to find a class in your area that matches your preferences and to fill out the necessary forms to reserve & pay. Which got us thinking...why can't this be {simpler}

bookbing process 2.png

So we {simplified} booking into one simple step for you...a calendar invite 

Booking solution.jpg

If you really want to jam out on how, keep reading...

Digital by Nature

My FitLink was designed to eliminate non-value added processes and friction from the digital user experience to find and book fitness classes online. To run the My FitLink platform, each user creates a Digital Profile when signing up, which serves as the key to powering each booking. The Digital Profile stores user information like demographics, fitness preferences, method of payment, etc. and is tokenized to ensure the information is both secure and easily transactable. The process to create the profile takes less than a minute and is very similar to a standard form for an E-Commerce platform like Amazon. The platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with the API and POS systems of our fitness partners to allow the simple, secure transfer of data and transactions, allowing us to scale both our platform and our partners with minimal incremental costs.

Analytics at the Core

The My FitLink research algorithm uses advanced analytics to scrape, review, and optimize a multitude of data points to match the perfect available fitness class to your preferences. To run the My FitLink preference engine, each user must establish and rank their preferred fitness categories using our signup form. My FitLink will then pull available class schedules from gyms and studios to compile and rank open seats. Rankings will be based on user preferences and consumer ratings based on recent reviews. Over time, the My FitLink algorithm will utilize user reviews to continuously tune the model and begin recommending new vendors and preference rankings based on your usage and profile.  

Driven in the Cloud

My FitLink is not some shiny new app that begs for attention and downloads. We are the antithesis of that...we stitch together an entire digital room full of fitness enthusiasts and vendors to orchestrate one hell of a booking bootcamp. To do that, we need data...lots of it, and we pull the vast majority of that data from the cloud where it belongs. The two primary data inputs we require for My FitLink to run are the the user's Email Calendar and their Digital Profile, both of which we source directly from you, our users. The data inputs we need from our vendor's come from their Customer Scheduling & POS systems, both of which we source and gain access to as part of our standard contract agreement process. The rest of the data we scrape from public sources on the internet, all of which resides on our secure, encrypted cloud servers.