FitLink takes the heavy lifting out of your fitness search... 


We mapped the traveling corporate athlete's journey to book fitness classes on the road and identified four key intervention points which generate 90% of the issues. The FitLink platform was built to give time back so you can focus on the moments that matter  

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By automating the moments that don't matter...

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To deliver exceptional value that pays for itself from day one 

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Our path to get started

With 12 months and an initial investment of $100K, we can bring FitLink to your mailbox


FitLink...D+A+C together for the Traveling Corporate Athlete

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Digital by Nature

FitLink was designed to eliminate non-value added process and friction from the digital user experience to find and book fitness classes online. To run the FitLink platform, each user must create a Digital profile which serves as the key to unlocking each transaction. The Digital Profile stores user information like demographics, fitness preferences, method of payment, etc. and is tokenized on a decentralized ledger to ensure the information is both secure and easily transactable. The process to create the profile takes less than five minutes and is very similar to a standard form for an E-Commerce platform like Amazon. The platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with API and POS systems for our fitness partners to allow the simple transfer of data and transactions which will allow us to scale both our platform and our Partners with minimal incremental costs.

Analytics at the Core

The FitLink research algorithm uses advanced analytics to scrape, review and optimize millions of data points to match the perfect fitness class available to your preferences. To run the FitLink preference engine, each user must rank their preferred fitness vendors from our Partner list, based on their physical location. FitLink will then pull available class schedules from our Partner's APIs to compile and rank open seats based on user preference and a weighted scoring routine based on recent reviews from the other Corporate Athletes. When the user completes a class, they are asked to submit a 1-5 star rating on both the vendor and location to continuously tune the algorithm. As the FitLink algorithm gains more data points from the users reviews, it will begin recommending new vendors and/or preference rankings based on more optimal solutions.  

Driven in the Cloud

FitLink is not some shiny new app that begs for attention and downloads. We are the antithesis to that...we stitch together an entire digital room full of fitness enthusiasts and vendors to orchestrate one hell of a booking bootcamp. To do that, we need data, lots of it and we pull the vast majority of it from the cloud where it belongs. The two Corporate Athlete data inputs we require for FitLink to run are the the user's Outlook Calendar and their Digital Profile, both of which we source from Deloitte's Private Cloud Servers. The data inputs we need from our vendor's come from their Customer Scheduling & POS systems, both are which we source access to as part of our standard contract agreement process. The rest of the data we scrape from public sources on the internet. All FitLink transactional data will be written to a provisioned Deloitte Cloud serve for mining and auditing purposes.