Your Digital Fitness Booking Concierge

Booking fitness classes should be {simple}

My FitLink provides you with a personalized, fitness booking concierge to keep you healthy and fit while on the road. Through a simple, everyday calendar invite, we will search, match, and book you into a day pass at any of the 45,000+ gyms and fitness studios across America

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We designed My Fitlink to live where you already plan your schedule...your work calendar

No more apps to download...time wasted searching for gyms...forms to fill out, just an elegantly designed user experience that automates the search, match, and payment process so that you can focus on what truly matters: Your perfect fitness class, at your ideal time, in any location across America, EVERY time your schedule allows. All we need from you is a {simple} calendar invite

Access to any gym in the US
45,000+ options available

Whether you want a bike on the floor at the hottest studio in NYC, a chance to practice your vinyasa flow with the locals in Park City, or a day pass at the CrossFit gym down the street from your hotel, our concierge team will move every weight in muscle beach to book you into the perfect seat. Because at My FitLink, we believe that you should get out in the world and try them often as you'd like!

No blackout times
if a seat is open it's yours

Tired of paying membership fees to "premier" services only to find out that they restrict how often and at what times you can go, assuming they are even in your current city? Good...we are too. At My FitLink we believe that if a seat is open, it is ours to book, so we designed our business model to ensure that our customers could attend anywhere they want, anytime they want and actually encourage it!

no membership fees
simply pay as you go

Sign-up fees...yearly contracts...tiered pricing... points based usage charts? Look we get it, the noise thrown at you by gyms and "multi-studio membership deals" is palpable, yet that monthly bill always arrives on time. In the end, we all just want to catch a great workout wherever our work takes us, so we designed our service to be as simple for you as possible. You pay for what you use and nothing more. No gimmicks, no restrictions, no limits on where you can go! 


Create Your Profile

Signing up for your concierge the first time takes less effort than picking a movie on Netflix. Through our simple webform, we will capture all the information we need to book you into any class in America   

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Define Your Preferences

Our booking engine runs off of your individual fitness preferences in your profile. Outside of the standard demographic information, we will ask you to rank the type(s) of workouts you like to do while on the road so we can research and book you into the best classes available

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Send Us An Invite

Booking a fitness session with your My Fitlink concierge couldn't be fact we designed it that way. To activate your concierge, simply open your work calendar, create a new meeting request for when you want to workout and invite us as a participant. We will pair the invite with your Profile and book you into that perfect class in your area. so what are you waiting the button to get started! 

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